Funky House fanatic, Fiyahdred (fka Bamz), is a South-London Producer, Artist & DJ. Heavily influenced by a spectrum of genres & cultures, pioneered here in the UK and worldwide e.g Garage, Jungle, Dancehall, Soca, Hip-Hop, Rare Grooves & House; together with the flamboyance of Black, Queer culture.

Such inspirations have driven them to take their musical creations out of the bedroom and into the wider world by self-releasing projects such as ‘Buggin’ EP’, ‘Run Me Bamz Vol. 1’ & ‘Vibes Ah Bill/Floatin’ By’ , in addition to releasing a single on Club Djembe’s ‘Club Djembe Vol.1 Compilation’, a 2-track drop called ‘Dominate/Stomper’ on Jamz Supernova’s Future Bounce label and ‘The Classix 2’, a collection of reworked UK Funky classics, in collaboration with Scratcha DVA.

On the 5th November 2021, Fiyahdred dropped a skank-ready 5 track EP entitled ‘Anyway EP’ , on the infamous Hyperdub label; injecting skippy, percussive drum patterns, rumbling bass loops and vocals that just float on top of the dance ready riddims. The lead single ‘Anyway’, landed a place on Resident Advisors ‘Best Tracks of 2021’ . The aforementioned influences of UK Funky, [Afro] House, Dancehall & Hip-Hop are reflected throughout the whole EP and this project marks a significant milestone of their creative evolution, as well as overall confidence in their musical abilities.

Now known for the bounciest selections, bodacious basslines and fiyah blends, Fiyahdred shows no sign of extinguishing any time soon!

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