Isobel Anderson

Between her 20+ years making, performing and producing music, a PhD in Sonic Arts and a passion for creating supportive music tech education spaces for women, Isobel’s career embraces a sense of independence and experimentation.

Her four solo albums have amassed over 25 million Spotify streams, her sound works have been performed on international stages and she has published in journals, such as Organised Sound and The Journal of Sonic Studies. Threaded throughout her work is a fascination with how we make sense of ourselves, the world around us and the process of creative exploration itself.

In 2018, she founded The Female DIY Musician, an online resource helping women learn to recording and release their music independently. In 2022 she became an ambassador for the F List and in 2022 she also joined the Musician’s Union Equalities Committee. Isobel is proud to produce and host the critically acclaimed feminist music tech podcast, Girls Twiddling Knobs.