Our sponsors…

October 11, 2022
Thank you to our brilliant sponsors who make Sonics 2022 happen
Meet Curve Pusher, one of our wonderful sponsors of Sonics 2022.
CURVE PUSHER is one of the UK’s leading vinyl record cutting and music mastering houses, having been continuously mastering and cutting records for over 23 years. Opened in Hackney in 1999, we have at least 60 combined years in recording and mastering experience between our team of engineers and work out of a bespoke built suite of studios in Hastings. The new location in was designed and then construction overseen by founder Lawrie Dunster in 2018, with every attention to detail made, the studios are equipped to the highest specification and provide the best mastering and listening environments possible.
Sonics 2022 is produced by Hastings Fat Tuesday CIC. If your business would like to find out more about our year-round work and productions, we are having a ‘Meet The Team’ drinks evening on Thursday 13th October.
📧Email: to find out more.