Aaron Liberator

Aaron is one of London’s true underground Techno pioneers as one-third of the legendary Liberator crew and as a co-owner of the mighty Stay Up Forever record label alongside Chris Liberator.

The Liberator DJs, Aaron, Julian, and Chris came together through their connections in the North London squat scene at the start of the nineties sharing a passion for the burgeoning rave scene, especially the music coming from Germany and Belgium. They started by doing their own squat parties in 91 which then led to connecting with bigger underground rave crews such as Bedlam and Spiral Tribe, making appearances at mass illegal gatherings at Lechlade and Castle Morton in 92.

Continual playing on the underground scene allowed them to save money and start their now legendary Stay Up Forever record label collective which went on to create a sub-genre of rave known as “Acid Techno”. Thanks to the creative endeavors of artists such as D.A.V.E. The Drummer, The Geezer and DDR and tracks such as  “One Night In Hackney” and “Unlucky Punk”, the DJs and artists soon gained a worldwide following.

International dj bookings soon started fueled by the record label sales and the rising interest in Acid Techno. Keeping to an underground ethos of togetherness and affordability the Liberators connected and created “Techno” families from South America to Japan inspired by those ideals. These bonds are still strong and as new generations of ravers come through, they still hold to the underground ways, and the Liberator’s and the Stay Up Forever artists are still traveling the globe today.

Aaron himself started promoting London-based parties, booking artists from the Stay Up Forever roster in the early Noughties which has now led to much larger events as rebel Union alongside DJ Sterling Moss still representing the Acid Techno sound and reaching into the new school techno scene.