Talks and Workshops

  • 21, 22, 23 October 2022
  • Rock House Basement, Gotham Alley, Hastings TN34 1HA
Talks and Workshops have limited capacity and a space must be reserved. (Weekend tickets do not include talks and workshops). Talks and Workshops are supported by Wow and Flutter.

Friday 21st October 4pm-6pm Rock House Basement, Gotham Alley: Sonics Workshop - FREE
Get hands on with sound technology, and join a collaborative workshop to practice group music-making with amplified objects, found sounds, synths and sequencers. No previous musical experience necessary, just a pair of ears and an exploratory Sonics mindset. Ages 11+.

Friday 21st Oct. 6.30pm- 7.30pm Rock House Basement, Gotham Alley: Elijah Talk and Q&A - FREE
Elijah is an artist, writer, DJ, manager and curator. Having run the independent and influential grime label Butterz that he founded with Skilliam in 2010, his daily writing project of 'yellow squares' on Instagram represents his reflections, ideas, questioning and curiosity about the creative process and what it means to be an artist right now, posing many questions that often don't get asked, i.e. how much does it actually cost to run a club event, or that some would rather not be asked at all. We're honoured to have Elijah join us at Sonics 2022 for a talk and Q&A as our opening session.

Saturday 22nd October 11am-12.30pm Rose Cottage, Gotham Alley: 'Girls Twiddling Knobs’ Podcast - special live edition with guest Riz Maslen - FREE
Hosted by musician and sound artist Isobel Anderson, Girls Twiddling Knobs is the UK’s leading, critically acclaimed podcast celebrating women making music with technology. Through a combination of inspiring guest discussions and in-depth solo episodes exploring all things recording, production and creativity, Girls Twiddling Knobs goes beyond the gear and gadgets and right to the heart of what it takes to truly experiment and create with sound. Join us to watch this special podcast recording with guest Riz Maslen.

Saturday 22nd October 1pm-4pm Rock House Basement, Gotham Alley: Dhangsha - Exploring interactions between electronic rhythm and noise. £5 (limited to 10 places)
Disintegrating the TEXTURE and attacking the STRUCTURE of rhythm through the use of effects and distortions. Disrupting the flow of tempered rhythm by juxtaposing with non-metric elements and the use of granular synthesis and delays. Experimental electronic musician “Dhangsha” aka Aniruddha Das gives participants the chance to produce a short piece of music which Dhangsha will master after the workshop, with the finished tracks compiled for a future online Sonics release. No need to bring equipment, but if participants want to bring a single item or two, like an effects unit or drum machine, they can see how Dhangsha's methods could be applied to their units or incorporated into their practice. Includes a 30 minute break. Ages 14+. Limited to ten places.

Sunday 23rd October 12.30pm-1.30pm Rock House Basement, Gotham Alley: Introduction to Live Coding Music and Visuals with Jude Montague - FREE
Software and algorithms are everywhere and we can begin to make music and audio from the new tools that the Open Source community have developed. Use code to make your own music and video as you go, improvise with others and express yourself! Bring your laptop and headphones and have a try out at some basic online software and continue at home. We’re working towards an ALGORAVE so come and be part of the community. Ages 12+

Sunday 23rd October 2pm-3.30pm Rock House Basement, Gotham Alley: Out Of Space - How UK Cities Shaped Rave Culture - panel discussion, hosted by Colin Steven, Velocity Press- FREE
Published by Velocity Press, Jim Ottewill’s book Out of Space: How UK Cities Shaped Rave Culture explores city by city the fabric and culture of our electronic music scene from the 1990s to today. Velocity Press publisher Colin Steven will host a panel discussion in Rock House Basement, Gotham Alley at 2 pm, Sunday 23rd October on the book’s themes and how they relate to Hastings & St Leonards club culture with Kim Cosmik (Hybrid, Mixfits, ex Spiral Tribe), Aaron Liberator (Stay Up Forever), Remi Vibesman (Hidden Beach), William Bunch (Hastings Homegrown/Wheel Up Collective/Fraktured Planet) and Emma Joliffe (Lemur Beats/Mixfits/Club Fliq).

More talks and workshops TBA